Kuppusamy (Nassar), an innocent man, dreams to perform in Pandi's troupe. Pandi (Delhi Ganesh) is a respected male troupe leader and the troupe performs in Hindu festivals. Baasi (Bala Singh) is expel from the troupe for his bad behaviour. Finally, Pandi accepts Kuppusamy in his troupe. Ponnamma (Revathi), Pandi's daughter, a blind girl falls in love with Kuppusamy. For some time past, the festivals organizers prefers female dance.

Pandi dies during a stage performance and the troupe split up. Kuppusamy leaves the village, with Ponnamma, to become a cinema actor. There, they meet Baasi and he accommodates them. Baasi rapes Ponnamma and kills her. Kuppusamy is sent to a mental hospital but he manages to escape. Kuppusamy is determined to take revenge.

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