Amar Varma (Shahrukh Khan) is a programme executive for All India Radio. He is dispatched across India to report on attitudes of locals on the government. At a train station, he comes across a beautiful woman (Manisha Koirala) and is instantly attracted to her. He tries to talk to her but she does not seem to respond, however when he asks if he can get anything for her she says she would like a cup of tea. As Amar goes to get her tea, her train arrives and she boards with three men. Meanwhile, Amar successfully interviews many citizens of India, including a few terrorist leaders.

Later, Amar is in town and comes across the same girl. He attempts to talk to her but she says she cannot recall meeting him before. They again part ways. A few weeks later, Amar goes on the radio and describes his encounter with the girl. Shortly afterwards, he comes across her in a post office but she tells him to leave her alone. He, however follows her to her house and tells her that he is in love with her. To make him back off the girl tells Amar that she is married.

Amar feels embarrassed and wishes to apologise to her. He arranges to meet her in order to do so, however she arrives with two men (who Amar believes are her husbands), who take Amar away and beat him uncocnscious. During the beating, Amar learns that the men are in fact her brothers and that she had lied about being married. This motivates him to pursue the girl - he goes to the post office where he found her and bribes the owner into giving him her number. He learns that she is visiting Ladakh and follows her there, saying he is reporting on the festivals.

He spots her and follows her onto the bus, where she falsely tells the security guard that she is Amar's wife. The bus breaks down and the passengers have to walk to their destination. Amar angrilly confronts the girl for having him beaten up - she tells him she is called Meghna but says this is false. Amar eventually forces himself onto Meghna, causing her to have an anxiety attack. The two end up travelling together and give some hints of a developing romance. However, Amar awakes one morning to find Meghna has left.
It is revealed that Meghna is part of a extremist terrorist group. Amar travels back to his home in Delhi. He learns that his family have found a potential bride for him, her name is Preeti Nair (Preity Zinta). Amar agrees to marry Preity as he does not hope to meet Meghna again. However, Meghna is in Delhi with her group - they plan to kill the prime minister during the independence day parade. Meghna arrives at Amar's house asking for a place to stay - the family take her in and Amar gets her a job at the station.

Soon, police start targetting Amar, believing he is a terrorist. Amar now finds out about Meghna's plan and takes her to confront her. He is soon arrested when he starts pulling at her clothes to see if she is wearing a bomb. He is released from prison, but Meghna's brothers take him away and beat him again. The next day, Amar finds Meghna and begs her not to kill herself. He embraces her and begs her to come away with him. Meghna now realises she loves Amar. As they embrace, her bomb explodes and they both die.

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