The film set in the 18th century is all about a group of people who steals from the wealthy to provide food and shelter for their tribe. Kombodhi (Pasupathy) is the gang leader and during one of his missions he meets the brave Varipuli (Aadhi). He brings Varipuli to his village and a bond develops between the two. But Varipuli has a past and his real name is Chinna. For the death of a youth Thogaimayan (Bharath) from neighbouring village, the King had in fact ordered one youth to be given as offering to the Almighty and Chinna was the choice. Sequence of events lead to Chinna escaping from the offering only to find out the mystery behind Thogaimayan's death. But that was too late as too many things happened in his village by then. Now he goes on the hiding. Cut to present, Chinna is taken to be offered to God. Where the flashback begins. He himself being a border guarding person loves a girl in the same village called Vannapechi(Dhansika). later the village find Thogaimayan dead. After Chinna is chosen to be the offering to the god Chinna's lover asks her father to marry Chinna to at least spend his last days together. They marry on the 2nd day. Chinna finds a fellow villageman running with a silver jewellery. When Chinna asks where he got it from he replies he got it from Thogaimayan's hand. Chinna later finds out that the killer was the village's King himself. he confronts the king and the king tells the story. His second wife was found out to be pregnant but he didn't like it as he never touched her. The queen tell she has the baby to take revenge on him as she was the queen of a neighbouring village and this King had killed everyone from her family and married her to prevent anyone else from her family. The king finds out it was Thogaimayan who created this chaos and kills him and his second wife. Chinna tries taking him back to the villagebut the king escapes and falls down a waterfall to prevent the villagers from knowing. Chinna jumps too but his leg is broken and comes out only to find the King is dead. Meanwhile in the village as Chinna is not to be found anywhere they sacrifice someone else. But the village head tells everyone that everyone has a right to kill Chinna as he has bought a disgrace to the village. Chinna gets well and meets his family to know that his wife is pregnant. He says he will go to the killing but his wife tells him to wait for the baby see its face then go.But her father tells Chinna to go out of the village and not come back for 10 years as the villagers will forgive anyone after 10 years as the villagers will not believe the truth. Chinna leaves.But the neibouring villagers find him in 9 years At present Kombodhi and his friends save Chinna and take him in the way they come back again and Chinna surrenders as he doesn't want to live a life like this. He sees his son's face for the first and the last time. only to find out a child he knew from the child's young age is going to kill him he gets the knife and kills himself.

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