Movie Name Thadam
Movie Name (in Tamil) தடம்
Starring Arun Vijay, Tanya Hope, Vidya Pradeep
Music Arun Raj
Year 2019-03-01



Ezhil (Arun Vijay) is a decent construction businessman in love with a girl Deepika (Tanya Hope) who works in his building. His lookalike Kavin (Arun Vijay in a dual role) is a thief and a gambler who is always on the lookout to make fast money along with his crony Surali (Yogi Babu). Anandi (Smiruthi venkat) an innocent girl is in love with Kavin though he uses her only to extract money.

A young man Akash is murdered by one of the two men and the inspector (FEFSI) Vijayan who has an old score to settle with Ezhil plans to pin the murder on him without an investigation. However, Kavin too lands up in the prison causing a great headache for the inspector and the sub-inspector Malar (Vidya Pradeep). A cat and mouse game starts as the two men try to get each other into a trap while the police are stumped and who the murder victim is and who killed him.

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