Madhureyvel (Vijay) in the first half is Madurai, a vegetable seller (vendor) along with his friend Pandu (Vadivelu). Madurai is a do-gooder and protector of the family of Kamakshi (Seetha) and her two daughters. Madhurey eradicates loan sharks and fights "bad guys" in the market. The usual hero worship is shown and only a clue of a policeman saluting the vendor gives you an inkling of what is to come. Meanwhile Anitha(Rakshitha) has a liking towards Madhurey and manages to win him over from Maheshwari (Tejashree). Now Seetha’s eldest daughter Susheela (Sonia Agarwal) who was working with Vijay was killed and her mother blames it on Vijay and shoots him down. It’s turn of the film to shift to flashback track. Vadivelu now opens the story of vijay actually being the district collector of Madurai. He is the action packed bureaucrat who takes to the streets to solve the problems of the citizens.

He does the job of policing too and is up against criminals. He does not believe in IPS and police force to clean up the city. So one such clean up operation takes him to KTR (Pasupathy), a don who is running a parallel law enforcement system with his own court. He doles out justice to all and his God to the ordinary. Now Madhureyvel does not take lightly to this parallel outfit. A clash takes place and Sonia Agarwal, then PA to the Collector, is killed.

KTR puts the blame on the Collector. Now the IAS officer goes underground to surface as vegetable vendor because his aim is to pin down the KTR and his outfit. From now onwards it is Madhureyvel on a rampage till KTR is finished and the murder charge removed.

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