Meesaya Murukku



Coimbatore-based Aadhi and Jeeva have been close friends since childhood. Aadhi's father Ramachandran is very supportive of Aadhi's interests in music. Aadhi joins engineering and falls for his college mate Nila who was his childhood friend in school. Nila is from an affluent family and her parents are against her love and they threaten Aadhi's parents. Post completion of college, Nila's parents keep her locked at home preventing any communication with Aadhi.

Aadhi is well known in college for his Tamil raps and he owns a YouTube page "Hiphop Tamizha". After graduating, Aadhi expresses his interest to move to Chennai and become an independent musician to his father for which he opposes. Aadhi convinces his father promising that he will return within a year in case if he cannot succeed. Aadhi reaches Chennai and tries hard for an opportunity but all goes in vain. One year passes by and Aadhi decides to return to Coimbatore. On the last day, Aadhi meets RJ Ma Ka Pa Anand of the FM station Radio Mirchi and he gives a chance to perform the song "Club La Mabbu La" in his show, following which Aadhi returns to Coimbatore.

As per his father's advice, Aadhi enrolls for an MBA degree in Chennai. Suddenly, he finds that "Club Le Mabbu Le" has gone viral in social media which drew lots of fan followers. Aadhi's hope is revived, and he decides to continue looking for an opportunity in the music industry and also promises his father that he will complete his post-graduation.

Aadhi gets shocked knowing that Nila's parents have fixed a wedding for her. Aadhi meets Nila and requests to wait for a year, for which Nila does not agree replying that she had already waited for a year. Aadhi gets heartbroken and leaves to Chennai. Nila is married as per her parents' wishes, while Aadhi becomes a popular personality in hip hop music.

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