The film revolves around three characters – Karunakaran (Sasikumar), Pandi (Bharani) and Chandran (Vijay Vasanth). The trio eats, sleeps and parties together in Rajapalayam. They also have their individual ambitions in life.

Karunakaran is in love with his uncle’s daughter Nallammal (Ananya). He is madly pursuing a government job because his uncle agrees to the marriage if and when he obtains one. Pandi is desperate to go abroad and get rich, while Chandran is committed to start a computer center.

All goes well until Saravanan (Ranga) enters, a childhood friend of Karunakaran. Son of a former MP (Member of Parliament), he is in love with Prabha (Shanthini Devi), daughter of a bigwig in Namakkal. Shocked by Saravanan’s suicide attempt due to love failure, the trio promises to help him out and unite the two lovers. They set out to Namakkal where they enlist the help of their old friend Maariyappan (Ganja Karuppu).

The trio manages to help the couple get married by abducting the girl while she is visiting a temple with her family. In ensuing fracas between the two families, karunakaran gets injured while pandi is hit on the ear by a log thereby losing his hearing ability and chandran loses his leg due to a crush injury by falling under a passing truck. The bride's father on realizing who aided his ward escape sends his goons to attack karunakaran's family. It ends with karunakaran's grandmother being killed. During the funeral the members of the family have a fight resulting in karunakaran's fiance being coaxed by her father to give up on karunakaran.

The three friends end up being put in the jail and getting entangled in a kidnapping case. However they are released as time goes by. To their utter dismay they realise that the star crossed lovers they had managed to unite at such great personal and emotional loss have gone their separate ways having grown bored of each other. They realise that the battle they fought did not serve any purpose.

What the trio then does to teach the couple a lesson, forms the movie climax.

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