Nadodi (1966)



Between Chennai, Madurai and Kodaikanal...

Thiyagu (M. G. Ramachandran) remains inconsolable since Meena (Bhaarthi), his lover committed suicide because of his father, rich Dharmalingham (V. K. Ramaswamy).

The latter refused categorically that Meena (Bhaarthi) gets married to her beloved Thiyagu (MGR), under the pretext that it is up to a lower caste !

While the same father, an activist speaker travels the country, by crying out, by preaching, to anyone who might be listening the virtues of the abolition of this feudal system.

To take him in her own trap, break so his hypocrisy and in memory especially of her older sister, Radha (B. Sarojadevi), the second girl of Dharmalingham leaves on the meeting of the mysterious benefactor that seems being Thiyagu (MGR), decided well to get married to him.

Indeed, this good model son, adoptive, gave up his immense heritage, preferring to bequeath integrality to the blue-collar workers of his late father (P.S.Vengathachalam).

Thiyagu (MGR) ends up leaving the family field and is put in search of plenitude, by making of course its passage.

Radha (B. Sarojadevi), meanwhile, falls into the claws from Djambhu (M. N. Nambiar), a former gardener who holds for person in charge of all his misfortunes the father (V. K. Ramaswamy) of this one, particularly the death of his mother and her little sister.

In reprisals, by reminding the contemptible words uttered by Dharmalingham (V. K. Ramaswamy) against his blind little sister, Djambhu (M. N. Nambiar) decides to return the similar one.

He deprives Radha (B. Sarojadevi) of its sight and puts it at the corners streets so that she begs.

Later, the ways of Radha (B. Sarojadevi) and Thiyagu (MGR) cross.

Alas, neither one, nor the other can be recognized, be identified about it.

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