Nimirnthu Nil



Aravindan Sivasamy (Jayam Ravi) is a 26 year old youth who was brought up in an ashram run by a Harichandra (Nassar). The atmosphere that he grew, taught him high moral values, disciplines, dignity, devotion etc. But when he comes out of the place, his belief and learning will be questioned by the cancerous system. It unsettles him and make him fight against the immoral cultures of the society. He decides to taken on corrupt bureaucrats and his friend (Soori), a lawyer (Subbu Panchu) and journalist (C. Gopinath) along with his girlfriend (Amala Paul) join him in his mission to fight against the corruption.

They form a plan and successfully expose 147 government officials, including a court judge and an MP, and are caught taking bribes for Unknown person by the name of Hari Chandran, which was created by non-other than Aravindhan himself using his own picture, but modified to look different. Now, all those corrupted officials team up to take on Aravindan and his team with a look-alike who fits the image and description of Hari Chandran, named Narasimha Reddy (Jayam Ravi), a 42 year old middle-aged man who does underground work for the Andhra Pradesh government with hints of him being a womanizer; to showcase that Hari Chandran is indeed a real person, as a method of thwarting Aravindan's battle.

Narasimha Reddy, who resides in Andhra Pradesh, accepts the deal with the government officials with the condition of the corrupt officials giving him 14.7 crores to seal the deal. Fearing that all his efforts will go in vain, Aravindan heads to Andhra Pradesh to thwart Narasimha Reddy from claiming the false identity of Hari Chandran, leading to a fight between the two. As the case takes place in the court, Aravindan and his team members are dejected due to Narasimha Reddy claiming himself as Hari Chandran.

When the 147 corrupt officials are happy that things are going as planned, the plot twist occurs where Narasimha Reddy states the truth, indicating that he was supporting Aravindan from the start after all. The court declares in favor of Aravindan and Narasimha Reddy praises Aravindan for his effort. Narasimha Reddy further explains who exactly he is, as he is a person who runs orphanages and senior homes for female children and elders. He explains that he used the 14.7 crores he received from the corrupt officials to build orphanages in 4 separate states.

As both Aravindan and Narasimha Reddy embrace each other and step out of the court, Narasimha Reddy is stabbed multiple times and a fight breaks out, as the henchmen are set up by the corrupt officials to kill both Aravindan and Narasimha Reddy. Both Aravindan and Narasimha Reddy, with the help of the public, fight the battle, where Narasimha Reddy saves Aravindan from being stabbed, but Narasimha Reddy eventually succumbs to his injuries from further wounds, leaving Aravindan and his team devastated. The end credits showcase that Aravindan and his team become successful in their fight against corruption.

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