Pasum Pon



For several years, Thangapandi (Prabhu) is in feud with his stepbrothers (Ponvannan and Vignesh).

In the past, Durairasuthevar (Sivaji Ganesan), the village chief, planned the marriage of his daughter (Raadhika Sarathkumar) and she got married with a rich man. Few days later, after the birth of Thangapandi, her husband died and Durairasuthevar forced her daughter to remarry with her cousin Kathiresathevar (Sivakumar). Then, Thangapandi became jealous of, the new born, Sellasamy and decided to live with his grandfather Durairasu Thevar (Sivaji Ganesan). After, Durairasu Thevar's death, the conflict has hardened.

Angusamy (Ilavarasu) hates Thangapandi. Sellasamy (Ponvannan) wants to get married after his uncle Angusamy's advices but that's disrespectful to not arrange the marriage for the elder son first. Finally, Sellasamy got married before Thangapandi.

Meanwhile, Malar (Saranya Ponvannan) is in love with her cousin Thangapandi and he proposes her. At Thangapandi's marriage, his mother came to see it secretly and she saw his son's affection to her.

Thangapandi's mother falls ill and Thangapandi give milk (custom in village) to end her sufferings.

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