Kalangarai Vilakkam



A mysterious machination around the Mahabalipuram lighthouse 's city...

Ravi (MGR) a leading lawyer from Madras with his friend Gopal (V. Gopalakrishnan), a doctor, meet Neela (Saroja Devi), a beautiful girl in Mahabalipuram.

Ravi (MGR) falls in love with her.

But Ravi sees Neela jumping off a cliff and Gopal pronounces her dead.

Heart broken, Ravi travels with Gopal to get over Neela, but one day, sees a theatre performance of the famous song "Sange Muzhangu" starring with the same young woman !

Ravi follows her backstage and confronts her where she calmly tells him that she is "Maliga".

Still unconvinced Ravi peeks into her dressing room and confirms that she is indeed Neela, because of a scar in her back.

Meanwhile Maliga asks Gauwry (G. Sakunthala), her elder sister about the incidences in Mahabalipuram and is told that it is better that she does not know about it.

Ravi convinces Maliga to marry him.

Nagaradjan (M. N. Nambiar), her brother-in-law, is against this and tries to thwart their plans, but they marry in spite of this.

In order to trick Nagaradjan to come out with truth of what transpired in Mahabalipuram, Maliga pretends to get hysterical and runs up the Lighthouse and jumps down.

Gauwry distraught, tells Ravi that her husband, (Nagaradjan) had killed a girl who looked exactly like Maliga and taking advantage of the similarity in their looks (!!!) her husband made every one believe it was a suicide.

Saying this she swallows poison and takes her life.

Nagaradjan who is watching all this tells Ravi that both the witnesses to his murder are dead.

The police who were hiding waiting for his confession swoop down and arrest him.

It is revealed that it is actually a marionette dressed like Maliga that was thrown from the Lighthouse.

Maliga is safe. She comes down crying for her elder sister, Gauwry.

And then Ravi and Maliga live happily ever after.

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