Vijay (Arjun Sarja), an irresponsible youth, was sent by his father Deenadayalan (Ravichandran), a strict police officer, in Ooty to work and became a responsible businessman. There, he fell in love with Anjali (Vineetha), a college student. Her brothers (Mohan Raj and Vimalraj), dangerous criminals, were against their love because Vijay's father was a police officer.

Devaraj was sent to jail so his brother appointed Karnaa, a disabled lawyer. Amudha (Ranjitha), a school teacher, falls in love with Karnaa after a misunderstanding. Deenadayalan saw Karnaa at the court and he looked like his son Vijay. In the past, he had twin boys, but abandoned one of the twin baby because he was disabled.

Karnaa was upset when he knew the truth and was determinate to win the case in front of his father. He won the case and Devaraj was released. Deenadayalan said the truth to his wife Lakshmi who wanted to bring back Karnaa at home. Meanwhile, Vijay was arrested by the police because of Devaraj conspiracy.

Karnaa rejected their request and found outrageous to abandon a baby due to his handicap. Then, Karnaa promised to help Vijay, he advised Vijay to escape from the jail. Devaraj shew to Karnaa his secret business and Vijay took some photos of his factory. Then, Devaraj's goons kidnapped his parents, his adopted mother and Amudha. Vijay and Karnaa saved them, killed the criminals and sent Devaraj to jail.

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