MR. மெட்ராஸ் பாடல் வரிகள்

Mr Madras
Movie Name
Mr Madras (1995)
Movie Name (in Tamil)
MR. மெட்ராஸ்
Prabhu, Sukanya, Vineetha
08 September 1995
Aruna Arunachalam (Manorama) is an estate owner in Ooty and she is in trouble with Thiruttani (Anandaraj), who keep illegally some hectares of her estate.

Murugan won Mr. Madras award and he worked as a model. His mother (Lakshmi) advices him to find a decent job. He is appointed by Aruna to protect her and she promises to keep him permanently. Aruna Arunachalam has two granddaughters : Meera (Sukanya) and Devi (Vineetha).

Murugan investigates in Thiruttani's area and he finds Ganja plantation. Murugan shows the proof to the police and they arrest Thiruttani (Anandaraj). Although, Murugan accomplishes his mission, Aruna dismisses him. Murugan takes challenge to work here.

Murugan makes things rough on Aruna's family. Murugan's mother is worried about her son, she comes there and she faints after seeing Aruna.

Murugan's mother is in fact Aruna's daughter, Murugan's mother married with a poor labourer and Aruna didn't accept it.
Meera and Devi fall in love with Murugan. Murugan makes a big drama to reduce Aruna's ego. Thiruttani escapes from jail and kidnaps Aruna. Murugan saves his grandmother and Aruna apologizes his daughter.