Arasa Kattalai



Of the time of big Indian kings...
A monarch (P. S. Veerappa) estimates to have committed a terrible fault and commits suicide to repair her, not without having indicated his successor : Vijayan (MGR), a man of the people, that one even, who had come punish him, a fearless knight, for a big bravery.
Before dying, he (P. S. Veerappa) also orders him (MGR) to protect his subjects and to put back the power in the hands of the people.
So by acting, the deceased king had also just thwarted the machiavellian intentions of its Minister (R. S. Manohar).
Indeed, this traitor intends to seize the throne.
But it will be for another time, because this sinister dignitary (R. S. Manohar) is going to make every effort to put sticks in wheels in the reforms of Vijayan.
To begin by eliminating him...

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