Avan Ivan



Walter Vanangamudi (Vishal Krishna) and Kumbudren Saamy (Arya) are half-brothers, who constantly fight and try to outdo each other. Both brothers are pickpockets and get encouragement from their respective mothers. Walter's mother Maryamma (Ambika) encourages her son to steal and continue their "family tradition". However, Walter, an aspiring actor with an effeminate touch, is rather interested in arts than committing crimes. The Zamindar (G. M. Kumar), referred to as 'Highness' by the community, takes an affinity towards Saamy and Walter and treats them as his own family. He constantly encourages Walter to take up acting seriously and to be friendly towards his brother. Walter is smitten by a Police Constable Baby (Janani Iyer) from whom he attempts to steal after being dared by his brother to prove himself. She finds him completely amusing and eventually falls for him. He returns several stolen goods from his home and from Kumbudren Samy to rescue her from being dismissed and goes to great lengths to impress her. Kumbudren Samy falls for a college student Thenmozhi (Madhu Shalini) who is intimidated by his rough ways at first but reciprocates his love later on.

One day, a police inspector who had insulted the Zamindar is tracked down and punished by Kumbudren Samy and Walter. While Walter takes the police truck and dumps it in the forest, Kumbudren Samy is caught by the police inspector. He acts like he swallowed a blade so he can see Thenmozhi once before going to jail. He is rushed to the hospital sees her and fools the entire police force even though Baby is quite suspicious. Kumbudren Samy tries to bribe the doctor to lie but she tells the police constable who only pleads with the him but later gives up and releases him. Actor Suriya attends a school function in the town to promote educational awareness through his Agaram Foundation. Just as he is about to leave the Zamindar requests him to stay and witness Walter's acting skills, who shows off his depictions of the nine emotions (Navarasas) and impresses everyone, including Kumbedren Samy. The drunk Kumbredren Samy then reveals to the drunk Zamindar that he actually does love his brother and that all the anger and hate it is just an act.

Meanwhile, the Zamindar exposes the illegal activities of a cattle smuggler (R. K.). The smuggler loses his animal farm and is taken into custody by the police amid media fare. Kumbudren Samy brings Thenmozhi to the Zamindar's house to introduce them to each other. Thenmozhi is identified to be the Zamindar's enemy's daughter, which Kumbudren Samy was unaware of. When the Zamindar tells him to break up with her, Saamy refuses and attacks him verbally, telling that he doesn't have a family and no one loves him so he would never understand. An angered Zaminder throws out Kumbudren Samy and Walter as well who tried to defend his brother and gets extremely drunk. Later that evening, both brothers make up with the Zamindar and invite him to their home. The Zamindar even signs over his land to Thenmozhi's father who was trying to get a hold of the land and organises for their marriage. Few days later, the smuggler returns, kidnaps the Zamindar and flogs him into unconsciousness, before hanging him to death from a tree. Walter and Kumbudren Samy are devastated and almost collapse with grief. While Kumbudren Samy fails in his attempt to take revenge, getting flogged and injured severely, Walter manages to bash up the smuggler and his men. The smuggler has been tied down under the platform with the Zamindar's body and is burnt to death along with the Zamindar, while both brothers dance madly.

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