The plot revolves around Thulasi(Sai Pallavi) and Krishna(Naga Shourya). Thulasi gets pregnant in her teens because of Krishna. After 5 years they get married but Thulasi is not very happy because of their past. Later, Krishna explains her to let go off things and soon she comes out of that pain and starts leading a happy life. The truth that is happening around Thulasi and Krishna is the little unborn girl Diya, who always stays with them invisibly.

When Krishna’s father(Nizhalgal Ravi)comes to meet Krishna at his new flat, Diya sees him and starts following him to his house. The next day he is found dead in the water tank of their building. This was the plot of Diya to take her revenge. Later when Thulasi's mother(Rekha) comes to visit her son in law i.e., Krishna’s father funeral, Diya starts following her and kills her in the lift. As the death case handled by SI Agni (Priyadarshi (in Telugu)/ RJ Balaji (in Tamil)), he comes to the conclusion that both of them are dead due to breathing problem. And when Krishna and Thulasi visit hospital they meet Doctor Sujitha, who happens to die in a car accident because of Diya.

There rises a suspicion that who ever meets Thulasi and Krishna are dying by the same reason. And one day Thulasi's uncle comes to visit her. Thulasi was looking at her marriage frame and she suddenly realize its all for the same reason and calls her uncle, her uncle doesn't get good signal and huge container falls on him and call gets cut. Thulasi thinks Diya is with her and calls out her name, she responds by making the swinging doll move, making Thulasi realize all the deaths are because of her. She tries to tell this to Krishna and insists she has to be with him always so that Diya won't kill him, who doesn't believe these stories and he takes her to the doctor. One day he gets call from site and he leaves without telling Thulasi, she panics and calls him whereas he hung up the phone, when she reaches site, she see the crane carrying huge block is moving towards Krishna, she runs and saves him. Still Krishna doesn't believe in these and having chat in temple, there a saint suggest to have Pooja whom they call to their house. Thulasi gets a bad dream about those people burning Diya and she is suffering in pain and she sends them back. Meanwhile Krishna tells that he has board conference and meets doctor inside his office and doctor suggests that its all Thulasi illusion, go somewhere alone and switch off the phone, come back after 2 days she will realize it. The next day Krishna is gone and Thulasi is worried and keeps searching for him. Meanwhile police officer Agni thinks whatever Thulasi says is true and go in search of Thulasi.

Meanwhile in Krishna place his stairs was replaced by wall and he starts feeling all the side walls are moving towards each other. Meanwhile Thulasi is seen holding Diya hand and saying no. Raghavan keeps following Thulasi and finds her car meet with accident and he takes her to hospital, her pulse rate shows null after the treatment she finds to get the heartbeat back. Dr tells agni that he had saved 2 lives and she is pregnant. Thulasi is seen smiling at the end as she remember seeing her daughter Diya. The movie ends with a message about abortion.

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