Ellaame En Raasaathaan



Singarasu (Rajkiran) comes to a village with his daughter. Singarasu looks for his wife's murderer and only his daughter witnessed the murderer Mookaiyan (Suriyan). Although, Mookaiyan follows them to kill the witness. The daughter of the village chief (Roopa Sri) falls in love with Singarasu.

In the past, Singarasu was the gram panchayat president : he was a rough and irresponsible man who played rummy, but he was a kind-hearted man. Mookaiyan, a rowdy, killed a newborn girl in the other village. Singarasu clashed with the other village's chief Ayya (Vittal Rao) because Singarasu was against newborn girl killing. To punish him, Singarasu kidnapped his daughter Raani (Sangita). Finally, the village's chief called the police and Mookaiyan was arrested. Then, Raani fell in love with Singarasu and refused to come back home. Singarasu got married with Raani but he still played rummy. Later, Singarasu decided to work hard and he became a respected man by the villagers. Mookaiyan, who was back from the jail, killed Raani.

Singarasu clearly objects to wed her and he is determined to punish the heartless Mookaiyan. What transpires later forms the crux of the story.

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