A story begins with a swashbuckling thief, also a master of disguise, who not only targets jewellers but also government agencies is being tracked down by Azhagar Nambi (Charan Raj), an efficient Police officer, who takes things a bit too personal. The story cuts to Krishnamoorthy alias Kicha (Arjun), a respected brahmin and runs a home-based pappadam business.

Susheela (Madhoo), one of Kicha's many female employees, who has a crush on Kicha is constantly devouring for his attention. Adding to her woes, the arrival of her naughty and playful cousin Sugandhi (Subhashri), adds a love triangle to the plot. Sugandhi also forms a crush on Kicha, especially after being saved by him from some molesting goons. But Kicha reveals to her that he has no such feeling for her and wants her to find a suitable mate. Sugandhi steals Kicha's ring as souvenir. An intermittent comedy track featuring Mani and played by the famous comic duo Goundamani) and Senthil respectively.

After several unsuccessful attempts at nabbing the thief, a disgraced Azhagar Nambi shaves his head and left with a ring mark on his face, after a scuffle with the thief. On investigating he later realises that the mark was formed by a ceremonial ring worn by Brahmin priests, but to his vain finds that the specific design of this ring is uncommon to brahmin priests but rather resembles a mangalsutra. Both intrigued and frustrated, Azhagar Nambi is forced by his parents into getting married and by coincidence to Sugandhi, from whom he gets the particular ring he was tracking and finds out that it belongs to Kicha.

In an attempt to trap and arrest Kicha, Azhagar Nambi plots an attempt at Kicha's house where they were invited for wedding diner, hosted by Kicha, where he shoots Kicha, but the latter narrowly escapes with bullet injury in his hand, along with Mani. They were followed by Susheela to their hide out, where Susheela finds the duo, and fabercasts Kicha for his false deed. Then, Kicha reveals his flashback about his student life as a district level topper along with his best friend Ramesh (Vineeth), and even then they both were denied their desired Medical college seats due to bribery, leading to tragic death of his mother (Manorama) and his best friend Ramesh (Vineeth). And since then, he became a thief to build a college of his own, where he desires to make education available to the deserved, with out any difference to poor, rich, or any caste.

In order to fund the final stages of the college building, Aware of the police trap, Kicha makes his final attempt to success, during which he is arrested by Azhagar Nambi. The climax of the movie is set in the courtroom, where Kicha demands the Chief minister of the state should come to the court room, who was the then educational minister who demanded the bribe from him.

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