The story opens in the British India reign, where a British gentleman is trying to catch a ferry along with his porter. On the way, however, one of the suitcases being carried by the porter falls and opens, revealing many diamonds. The porter steals some of the diamonds and sends the gentleman on his way. He hides these diamonds in a trunk which he buries near a temple in the Gulaebagavali village.

The story shifts to Badri (Prabhu Deva) who along with his boss Nambi (Mansoor Ali Khan) perform petty thefts for a living. While at a pub, Badri spots Viji (Hansika Motwani) and falls for her. Soon, due to a misunderstanding, Badri unknowingly accepts to steal a priceless statue from the temple at Gulaebagavali and runs into Viji there. The two escape from the villagers' hands and fall into the hands of a businessman (Madhusudan Rao) and his brother-in-law (Anandaraj), who forcefully sends them to Gulaebagavali to steal the trunk (It is revealed that the businessman is the porter's grandson). With some help from Munish (Munishkanth) and Maasha (Revathi) they successfully steal the trunk and Munish opens it revealing a skeleton.

After a lot of confusion, the trunk is delivered, where it is revealed that the diamonds are stored in the skeleton. After a long argument, the police come to the spot and find that the diamonds were very valuable. After they escape from the hands of the police, it is revealed that during the fight, a hand of the skeleton fell in Maasha's car. On finding this out and how Maasha tried to deceive the other three, the trio chase Maasha.

In between there are comedy scenes involving Mayilvaganam (Sathyan) and a don (Rajendran).

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