The Tamil Country of the 70s...

IDHAYAKKANI is the story of a kind-hearted Mogan (MGR) whose theory of life is 'equality'.

Mogan practices equality by sharing the income of his estate with his labourers equally.

He has another passion of serving country, so that he has joined police force as an officer.

He meets a needy girl Lakshmi (Radha Saluja), and on the advice of elderly and domestic help, he permits her to stay in his house.

Toungues start wagging and Mogan decides to marry Lakshmi.

However, his happiness is short-lived.

He gets the shock of his life when he comes to know that his wife is involved in the murder of a leading scientist.

What is the truth?

Did Lakshmi really murdered the scientist or she is innocent ?

If so, then who is the culprit ?

How does Mogan finds the truth ?

This 's the plot of the movie.

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