In the Tamil Country of the 50s...
Thangaraj (MGR) and Jeeva (Sivaji Ganesan) are friends.
Thangaraj (MGR) is married to Mangala (B. S. Saroja) and they have a son.
Thangaraj goes to jail for a mistake committed by Jeeva.
Mangala is left with no money or house to live.
Jeeva tries to help her but he has his sinister motive, to have a relationship with Mangala.
After she repeatedly refuses his attempts to help her, Jeeva starts to sadisticially taunt her.
Meanwhile, Sokki (T. D. Kuchalakumari) is in love with Jeeva.
Thangaraj gets released and saves Mangala from Jeeva.
KOONDUKKILI deals with the issues of poverty, greed, abuse of women and the poor.

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