Mouna Ragam



Divya (Revathi) is a mischievous and naughty girl in a conservative family. Her father is a government servant and is very strict about her conduct. One day, she finds out that there is a marriage proposal for her which her parents are very much looking forward to. Unwilling to get married, she deliberately comes home late on the day the groom's family is there to meet her; so that they reject her. To her surprise, the groom, Chandrakumar (Mohan) and his family are patiently waiting to meet her. Divya talks very arrogantly to Chandrakumar in an attempt to make him dislike her, but he ends up liking her and agrees to the marriage. Divya succumbs to family pressure and marries Chandrakumar.

Post marriage, Chandrakumar takes Divya to New Delhi with him. Unable to come to terms with her marriage, Divya snubs her well-meaning husband at every given instance. This culminates in her asking for divorce when Chandrakumar asks her what she wants as a wedding gift. A shocked Chandrakumar probes her for a reason and her flashback unfolds where she was in love with another man. It was during her college days that she met a man Manohar (Karthik), who along with his gang beat up the son of a M.P and robs his money. She considers it a gang theft and reports to the police. But later, she finds out that the theft was done because the M.P's son had run his car over a poor girl and to arrange money for the girl's treatment. After knowing this she feels guilty of framing him and bails him out of the police station. Manohar falls for her and tries to win her love. Divya initially rejects him but falls in love with him in due course. Manohar is a member of a revolutionary troop which plans an illegal rally. Divya doesn't approve his participation in such unlawful activities and persuades him not to attend the rally. Manohar urges her to marry him the next day. On the day of the marriage, Manohar, being a suspect, is falsely charged for participating in the previous day's rally. As he is arrested and taken away by the police, he attempts to escape and runs to the marriage register's office where Divya is waiting for him. In the following chase, the policeman accidentally shoots him and Manohar dies on the footsteps of the registrar's office.

Chandrakumar is ready to forget her past and live with her but Divya cannot accept another man in her life. Both of them file for a divorce, but as per the law, since they are newly married, they can get it only after one year of their marriage. Divya is forced to live with Chandrakumar and she slowly gets starts liking him. But Chandrakumar ignores her completely, since after a year she will be gone and he doesn't want to get used to her. Once Chandrakumar is attacked by his company's labourers as he had suspended their union leader, Divya struggles to save his life. After his discharge from hospital she renders her services as a wife. Chandrakumar however neglects it, which hurts her. Divya finally comes to understand her love for him and tries to reveal it by wearing the anklets which he gave her just after marriage. But he is irritated by her immature acts and asks her to leave to her parent's home and even books tickets for her travel. Until Divya leaves the house both of them don't share their feelings for each other. While she is about to depart Chandrakumar gives her the divorce papers which she asked as a gift. Divya bursts out and finally admits that she loves him and she would wait for him till he realizes it and leaves. Chandrakumar, finally coming to terms with his repressed feelings, gets her out of the train and both return home happily.

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