Naan Sigappu Manithan
Movie Name Naan Sigappu Manithan
Movie Name (in Tamil) நான் சிகப்பு மனிதன்
Starring Vishal, Lakshmi Menon
Music G. V. Prakash Kumar
Year 2014-04-11



On a moving train, few thugs kill a cop for warning them against drinking aboard. In the middle of the night elsewhere, Indhiran (Vishal), accompanied by his two friends, purchases a gun illegally from a local gangster. Back home, Indhiran stares at his wishlist and recalls his past.

Since childhood, Indhiran has been suffering from a rare disorder which makes him fall asleep when his emotions reach an extreme. A few doctors later, he is diagnosed with narcolepsy. Though he can fall asleep anytime, he can still hear whatever is being said when he is sleeping; thus, he excels in academics. Once grown up, the disorder becomes an impediment in every job he takes up. Ironically, he earns his first salary of ? 50 grand by posing as a living example to nacrolepsy for medical students of an university. With the money, he buys a laptop and takes up online jobs to overcome his problem. With a steady income, his life settles.

One day, Indhiran ventures out alone, as one of his wish in his wishlist. When a vehicle comes too close to him while crossing the road, his fear mounts and he falls asleep in the middle of the road. A passerby uses him by making him pose as an orphaned corpse and gathers money from onlookers for his burial. Meera (Lakshmi Menon), who passes by, takes pity and shells out almost five grands. A few days later, when Meera meets Indhiran in a mall, she freaks out and falls unconscious. Later, she finds the truth and they get to know each other. Meera happens to be the daughter of a rich businessman.

Indhiran's mother pitches a marriage proposal for him with a distant relative (Sun TV Nisha) who rejects him on the grounds that he would fall asleep which making out and she could not live without sex. Around the same time, Meera too rejects a marriage proposal with a rich but ill-mannered guy (Rishi). Meera and Indhiran start dating and falls for each other. But, Meera's father opposes their marriage as Indhiran cannot give birth to a child. Meera urges Indhiran to find a way where he could stay awake. It dawns on Indhiran that he had never fallen asleep while taking a shower. Deciding that her father will accept Indhiran only by proving his potency, Meera and Indhiran make love underwater in their pool. Soon, she becomes pregnant.

On a late night drive, Meera finds herself in a under-construction bridge. Her car is hit by another and the shock makes Indhiran doze. Meera is brutally gang raped by the thugs from the train. Though Indhiran could hear her cries for help, he is still asleep. Meera gets admitted in a hospital and falls into coma. A heartbroken Indhiran vows to exact revenge on the perpetrators.

The narrative moves back to the present. Deciding to venge all by himself, Indhiran fails to testify to the police. Enquiring Meera's friends, Indhiran suspects Rishi and confronts him, who feigns ignorance about the incident. With what he had heard when the crime happened, Indhiran only knows that the rapists were four in number and one of them was named Sekhar. He also remembers Sekhar's ringtone but it is not of much help as many have the same. The red scratches from Meera's white car means that the other car was red. To safeguard himself from any sudden shock, Indhiran gets an ipod and uses it with full volume.

Indhiran stumbles upon a red car in a petrol bunk and enquires the driver who claims the car was with a mechanic named Sekhar on the day the crime took place. He reaches the workshop, spots the mechanic who tries to abscond recognising Indhiran and a chase ensues leading them to a building under construction. Informed by Jagan, Sundar Ramu arrives there and kills Sekhar. He then slits himself and is later admitted for treatment. Ramu then recollects.

Married to Ramu for two years,Kavitha(Iniya) is dissatisfied at her drunkard husband who drinks a lot and passes out everyday; she begins an affair with one of his friends who is rich. He spends a lot for her and buys her expensive gifts. But, Indhiran gets to know and advises Kavitha against it. It turns out that, to realise his ambitions of running a business in US, Ramu has been using his wife to manipulate his rich friend. Citing Indhiran's confrontation, Kavitha bluffs to her lover that if Ramu gets to know about the affair, he would kill them both. She then suggests that the only way to solve it once and for all is to arrange the amount of ? 20 million Ramu needs to settle in the states. With him gone, they could enjoy being together. Kavitha's lover agrees to finance Ramu out of his lust for her. Later, when Ramu and Kavitha are celebrating their success, Indhiran drops by unexpectedly. They mess up; Indhiran suspects them and informs the rich friend who confronts the couple. When he finds that he has been cheated, he hits Kavitha in a fit of rage and she dies. Infuriated, Ramu retaliates and kills him. Ramu arranges for disposing them with the help of the thugs. He then bluffs to Indhiran that Kavitha has eloped with her lover. Since he was so close to his dream before Indhiran messed it up, Ramu decides to make him suffer the same way. He had then sent the thugs to rape Meera.

The remaining thugs insist Ramu to bring Indhiran to the same place where Sekhar was killed. Finding that it was Ramu who had killed Sekhar, they beat him up. Indhiran, before fighting them, gets an adrenaline rush and dozes off. But, while the thugs are assaulting him, one of them breaks a water pump which splashes water all over and awakens Indhiran. He kills them all and finally Ramu too. He then says that he had seen Ramu kill Sekhar through their reflection from the stagnant water below; but had come with him only to locate the other thugs. With all his wishes fulfilled, he has a new wish that he would make Meera recover soon.

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