Nee Varuvai Ena



Ganesh (Parthiban), the product of a Mudaliar-Gounder intercaste marriage, loses several prospective brides due to this and spends his time dreaming of marriage. On a busride to Chengalpattu to take up a promotion as bank manager, he is involved in an accident. The scene shifts to three months later when he finally shows up at Chengalpattu. Nandini (Devayani), living in the house opposite his, showers affection on him, giving him coffee, providing him with hot water, etc. But when he with his parents, visits her to talk about marriage, she rejects him. Revealing the real reason behind her attachment to Ganesh, she tells him of her ill-fated love affair with army officer Subramani (Ajith).

Eager to send him on his way, Nandini sends a letter in Ganesh's name to Ganesh's home, accepting the latest girl they picked for him and Ganesh returns home to find arrangements for his wedding in full swing. Coincidentally, the girl turns out to be someone (Suvalakshmi) he had dreamed of marrying during his pre-Nandini days.

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