Policekaran Magal



An honest police constable has a son (Muthuraman) and a daughter (Vijayakumari). Balaji, son of a rich affluent person is a friend of Muthuraman who often visit his house. Balaji falls in love with Vijaykumari to which she equally reciprocates. She meets Balaji secretly without the knowledge of both her father and brother. One day, Balaji's notorious friends commit a murder and they fled the scene using Balaji's car.

At the same point of time, Balaji meets his love in a temple and promises to marry her. Meanwhile Balaji's father plans to marry his son to one of this relative. Balaji initially discards this proposal but accepts after coming to know that he will be deprived of his father's wealth if he doesn't marry the girl arranged by his father.

Vijaykumari is shocked to hear this and finally tells her relationship with Balaji to her parents. When Muthuraman visits Balaji's house to seek justice, Balaji reiterate that Vijaykumari is completely unknown to him. Vijaykumari health

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