Thali Puthusu



Arun (Ramki) falls in love with Seetha (Kushboo Sundar). Seetha refuses his love and tells him her past.
Seetha was from a middle-class family. Seetha's brother-in-law (Thalaivasal Vijay) was a jobless son-in-law and lived with them. Balu (Suresh) is a bank manager and falls in love with Seetha. Mani (Manivannan), Balu's father, a miser, looked for a rich daughter-in-law. Balu got married with Seetha and the same day, Balu died in a crossfire. Mani refused to keep Seetha with him.

Later, without money, he begged Seetha to come with him and she took her late husband job. Seetha's brother-in-law took his wife's thaali and tied the thaali to Seetha. She immediately removed the thaali.

Arun, son of a rich man, decides to marry her despite her past. The court cancels the marriage between Seetha and her brother-in-law. Seetha's sister kills her husband to save Seetha's marriage. Arun and Seetha get married.

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