Then Nilavu



Raj (Gemini Ganesan) meets Shanti (Vyjayanthimala) at a cricket match in Madras, and falls for her. Shanti does not reciprocate his love, and leaves to her home place Bangalore. Sokkalingam (K. A. Thangavelu), Shanti’s father, a widower, marries Thangam (M. Saroja). They decide to go to Kashmir for their honeymoon, and Shanti also wants to come. Sivalingam, a friend of Sokkalingam suggests an alliance between Shanti and his nephew Raj (M. N. Nambiar) who is now in Madras. Raj has secretly married Lalitha. He ditches Lalitha, when he sees this new alliance and leaves to Bangalore. As fate would have it, Raj misses the train. Just then Raj (Gemini Ganesan) arrives in Bangalore for a different reason, and Sokkalingam misinterprets him as his friend’s nephew. Sokkalingam and wife Thangam leave for Kashmir along with Raj Ganesan and Shanti, who still dislikes Raj Ganesan.

After some time, Raj Ganesan and Shanti fall in love. Meanwhile Raj Nambiar reaches Kashmir in search for Sokkalingam. Lalitha, fearing the safety of her husband Raj, also reaches Kashmir in search for him. She meets Raj Ganesan and stays in his house. Lalitha meets Sokkalingam and tells that she is married to Raj. Sokkalingam misinterprets this as Raj Ganesan and throws him out of house. Meanwhile Raj Nambiar meets Sokkalingam and explains everything, therefore he replaces Raj Ganesan as Shanti's manager, despite Shanti's dislike for him. Shanti later finds out that Lalitha is Raj Nambiar's wife and reconciles with Raj Ganesan, while Sokkalingam and Thangam are still unaware.

Raj Nambiar finds out that Shanti loves Raj Ganesan, and he is jealous. At the same time, he meets Lalitha who he orders to return, else she will be killed. Lalitha flees, but secretly writes a letter to him showing her affection. Raj Nambiar, touched by the letter, decides to take Lalitha on a boat ride, but has another plan: to kill Lalitha and frame Raj Ganesan. When she joins Raj Nambiar on the boat ride, he forcefully rides the boat, causing her to fall into the lake. Subsequently, he frames Raj Ganesan. Sokkalingam, enraged at how a man could kill his own wife, files a complaint about Lalitha's murder to the Kashmir Police, and soon they chase Raj Ganesan, who elopes with Shanti - his only evidence of innocence.

They both run into a forest for shelter and suddenly they discover that Lalitha is still alive, but kept under custody by a group of terrorists. Raj Ganesan and Shanti are also put into the same prison as Lalitha, who reveals what happened: she was washed ashore and was discovered by one of the terrorists. He however started torturing her, and she pushed him off the cliff to his death, hence imprisoned for murder. As luck would have it, a gypsy dancer from the terrorist group helps them escape secretly. But by the time they escape, the nearby guards see them and start shooting them. The three escape onto a boat, but the boat gets a crack and starts drowning, with Raj Ganesan getting separated from Lalitha and Shanti. When he swims to the shore, the police capture him.

In the high court, Raj Ganesan tries hard to prove his innocence but with no success, due to lack of evidence. However, Shanti and Lalitha arrive, surprising everyone. But the letter Lalitha wrote to her husband is discovered and after reading the last line (in which Lalitha advised her husband to kill her if wanted), the court suspects Raj Nambiar of the attempted murder. Lalitha, still affectionate to her husband, saves him by lying that it was the storm that knocked her into the lake. The case is dismissed, and everything ends well for everyone.

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