Jagdish (Vijay), a captain in the Indian Army, returns to Mumbai from Kashmir. On his arrival, he is forced by his parents and younger sisters into seeing Nisha (Kajal Aggarwal), a girl of their choice for their son to get married to. At the bride-viewing ceremony, Jagdish makes up excuses to avoid marrying her, such as commenting that she is old-fashioned. On the contrary, Nisha turns out to be a college-level boxer who is completely modern in outlook. Jagdish realises this and falls for her, which she reciprocates.

One day, while meeting with his police officer-friend Balaji (Sathyan), Jagdish witnesses the explosion of a bus in which they had travelled. He captures the man, who planted the bomb in that bus and soon finds out that he is a mere executor (a sleeper cell) whose only role was to plant the bomb and that the terrorist group he belongs to planned various such attacks in the city in a couple of days. Enlisting the help of his fellow Army men and Balaji, Jagdish manages to thwart these attacks.

When the leader of the terrorist group (Vidyut Jamwal) finds out about the role of Jagdish in the failure of the terrorist attack, he begins to target the families of the army men (except Jagdish), kidnapping someone close to them. When Jagdish realizes the plan, he substitutes one of the people to be kidnapped with his younger sister Sanjana (Deepthi Nambiar). Using his pet dog and his sister's dupatta, he manages to reach the terrorists' hideout, rescuing his sister (who was about to be killed after Jagdish's bluff was exposed) and the other victims and eliminating the terrorist personal.

With this attack too failed, the terrorist leader decides to target Jagdish himself. He asks Jagdish to surrender to him, failing which there would be more terrorist attacks. Jagdish decides to sacrifice his life and hatches a plan with his fellow army men. Jagdish meets the leader in a ship, which has been rigged with a bomb planted by Jagdish's henchman. When he finds out about the leader's plan however (which is to expose Jagdish's army team as terrorists), he fights the leader and escapes with him in a boat. After the ship explodes, he kills the leader.

The film ends with Jagdish and his team returning to Kashmir.

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