Ullam Ketkumae



The movie is all about a group of five college friends - Shaam (Shaam), Emaan (Arya), Priya (Asin), Pooja (Laila)and Irene (Pooja) The friends gather for the wedding of Emaan, years after everyone has parted ways.

The movie starts with Pooja leaving USA to go to her college friend Emman's wedding. Meanwhile,back in India everyone else is helping Emaan with the preparations for the wedding and meeting all their long lost college friends. The movie goes through series of flashbacks of old memories during their college days. Emaan & Irene meet for the first time in a long time, and the first flashback occurs. They were once in love, however it didn't turn as Emman had expected.

Another flashback occurs when Shaam remembers Pooja. Pooja is a fun-loving tomboy who was best friends with Shaam and was treated as if she's one of them. Shaam realizes he's in love with Priya, and Pooja realizes she's in love with Shaam. Shaam and Pooja decides to reveal their love to the ones they love on Valentine's Day. Pooja learns that Shaam is in love with Priya, so she kept her love a secret heartbroken. When Priya finds out Shaam's in love with her, she rejects his love, for she is a traditional girl and admits that she is also going to get married after college and her parents have decided her husband.

At last when we are taken back to the present day, the wedding. Everyone meets each other, and Pooja arrives. Pooja is no longer the same girl she was back then.She was more mature and not a tomboy at the same time. Pooja finally reveals her love to Shaam using a Valentine Card that she had been waiting for in college but couldn't as she had found out he was in love with pooja. Shaam realizes that Pooja is the one he's supposed to be with her all this time rather than being with priya as he knew she would not accept it because she was a cultra and inncoent.

In the end Shaam accepted Pooja's love and end the movie by hugging each other.

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