Ravivarman is a talented artist with special ability to draw faces of person at their different ages given their childhood photo. After tragic loss of his wife in Flight blast, he becomes a drunkard and lives aimless. Police summons Ravi to draw the face of accused in bomb blast from the previous file photo. Because of his painting, the criminal George is caught by the police and George challenges to take revenge on Ravi. Due to his help to the police, Ravi becomes famous and he is called by a rich man in Rosewood Estate who wants to find his niece who went missing at her age of five. From the housemaid's warning, Ravi understand the rich man's true intentions. He draws his wife as the missing niece's painting and hands over it to the rich man. Meanwhile, he searches and finds Jennifer, who is actual heir of Rosewood Estate. George escapes from jail and it is revealed that Ravi's wife Pavithra is alive but in coma stage.Meanwhile Jeni falls in love with Ravi. Atlast ravi fights and gets the property of Jeni and unites with Pavithra.

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