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Adhi (Madhavan) is a fun-loving city man. Ganga (Jyothika) is a cheerful village belle who wants to do her degree in Engineering. Marriage between the two is fixed by the elders. They resent it and collude to find ways to stop the 'doom' as they see it. Later, they realise that they are interested in one another after all. But it is too late as enmity has arisen between their families. How they resolve the issue works up the rest of the story.

Aditya and Ganga are two youngsters who have moved to Chennai from the same small village. Their parents meet and arrange for them to be married to each other. Aditya's life is young, urban and exciting — with girls, parties, bikes, songs, cars, discos, movies and, infrequently, studying. He is not very enthused about the idea of being married to a village belle.

Ganga, who has just ranked second in the Class XII examinations and has been admitted to an engineering college, wants to continue her education and is equally uninterested in the idea of marriage. After a series of unsuccessful attempts to break off their engagement, Aditya and Ganga reconcile to their marriage. A misunderstanding on the day of their wedding turns into a fight between their families. The wedding is called off, and a feud has begun.

Back in Chennai, Ganga stays with her lawyer uncle. Aditya and Ganga return to their respective lives but continue to bump into each other. Aditya mistakenly lands in Ganga's uncle's house, and Ganga's uncle thinks of Aditya as an intern. Aditya and Ganga find that they are attracted to each other. Love blossoms, and the pair now turn their efforts toward convincing their families to set aside their differences and allow the lovers to be joined in marriage. This is finally achieved but not without a series of intricate twists, turns and related hilarity.

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