Kannethirey Thondrinal



The film talks about two friends Vasanth (Prashanth) and Shankar (Karan) from the same college.. They start out as enemies and then become best friends. Vasanth loves Priya (Simran) without knowing she is Shankar’s sister, which he comes to know later. When Shankar tells Vasanth about his past, that his other sister eloped with one of his best friend (Vignesh). On hearing this horrifying news, then Vasanth makes up his mind to sacrifice his love without hurting Shankar and their true friendship. Later Priya tries for a suicide attempt. Through Vasanth’s servant Gopal (Chinni Jayanth) Shankar comes to know about Vasanth’s love with his sister Priya, and Vasanth’s readiness to sacrifice his love for their friendship. Shankar blissfully accept their love.

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