Kasi is a tale about the deception of appearances. Kasi(Vikram) is a blind poet and singer who supports his family by his songs. He has an older brother Sevalai(Thalaivasal Vijay) who spends what money he has drinking, an abusive, crippled father and a younger sister Lakshmi(Kavya Madhavan). When the local landlord, Raghupathi(Rajeev) returns to the district, he brings along with him Mr Dinesh, the CM's son and his wife Radhika(Aishwarya). Raghupathi has a reputation as a God in the area because of his charitable works and when a specialist eye doctor arrives he promises to pay the fees for an operation to give back Kasi's vision. Elated by this news, Kasi learns that he has to find an eye-donor and his girlfriend Kaveri(Kaveri), who cannot speak, offers one of her eyes. Unfortunately, something happens that shows that the 'God-like' Raghupathi and Mr Dinesh are not what they seem. Blissfully unaware of the sadness of those around him, Kasi looks forward to his operation.

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