Kudumba Thalaivan



A dramatic love triangle between the characters played by MGR, B.Sarodja Devi and S.A.Asogan.
In the Tamil Country of the 60s...
Within a fantastically wealthy city family, Vélayudam Pilai (M.R.Radha), the father spends most of his time to play the poker, so releasing all his responsibilities on his elder son, Sômu (S.A.Asogan), a relentless serious, hard-working man and an extreme shyness. Whereas Vâsu (MGR), the younger child (junior) is all the opposite, an accomplished sportsman and who moves back in front of no obstacle of the life.
When Vélayudam Pilai (M.R.Radha) welcomes young and beautiful Seeta (B.Sarodja Devi), in memory of his deceased father, the driver Ponnusamy who saved him the life, claws of bad losers of poker, his two sons are going to fall each, without they know hit, lover of the same girl of the good Samaritan. Seeta (B.Sarodja Devi), her, from on his side, suspecting nothing, admits her love for Vâsu (MGR)...

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