Mullum Malarum



Kali (Rajinikanth) is a winch operator at a village power plant. Although a reputed troublemaker, he occasionally performs good deeds for the local community. Kali and his younger sister Valli (Shoba)—upon whom he dotes—were orphaned during their childhood, and have no close family. They take in a poor itinerant named Manga (Fatafat Jayalaxmi) and her aged mother, and accommodate both in a neighbouring hut. Manga becomes fond of Kali, but he finds her gluttony disgusting.

The power plant's newly appointed divisional engineer is Kumaran (Sarath Babu), an austere but fair boss. Kali and Kumaran have a difficult relationship, which worsens after Kumaran sees only Kali's negative side during a series of incidents. Kali nicknames Kumaran "Law Point" as he applies rules strictly. On a usual day, when Kali is on duty, Manga teases him; he abandons the winch and chases her. In his absence, an emergency crops up at the power plant. The next day, Kumaran suspends Kali from his job for dereliction of duty, ignoring his protests and threats.

Kali becomes inebriated and collapses in the middle of the road. A lorry then runs over his left arm, which is later amputated. Since he cannot perform his job one-armed, the power plant dismisses him from his job. Kali is now unemployed; he directs his anger and frustration at Kumaran. Manga feels guilty because she is responsible for Kali's predicament. On Valli's request, she marries Kali and takes care of all his needs.

Kumaran has developed a liking for Valli, and asks Kali for permission to marry her. Due to his hatred for Kumaran, Kali instead makes arrangements to get Valli married to Murugesa (Venniradai Moorthy)—a local, philandering grocer. Manga opposes Kali's decision, and requests him to get Valli married to Kumaran, but he refuses. Hence, she decides to conduct the marriage without his concurrence, convinces Valli and Kumaran and makes all arrangements.

On the day Murugesa is supposed to marry Valli at his house, Kali learns that everyone has left to attend Valli's marriage to Kumaran. He intercepts the group of Valli and other guests walking towards the venue and reminds Valli about his love and how difficult it would be for him to live without her. Everyone else ignores him and moves on. Valli however, runs towards him and assures him that she would not disown him at any cost. Kali then tells Kumaran that although he still dislikes him, he and Valli have his permission to marry.

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