Murai Maaman



Sirasu (Jayaram) and his elder brother (Goundamani) own a cinema theatre and they are bachelors. For several years, his family are in feud with Parameswaran's family because Sirasu's father killed Parameswaran's brother and Saratha got married with Parameswaran's relative secretly.

Saratha (Sangeetha), Sirasu's sister, comes from Mumbai with her husband (Jaiganesh) and her daughter, Indhu (Kushboo Sundar). Sirasu falls immediately in love with Saratha. Ratnam (Kazan Khan) and his father Parameswaran (Vinu Chakravarthy ) proposes to Saratha's husband to marry Ratnam to his daughter. Indhu's father forces her to marry but she refuses.

Indhu decides to leave the village, Sirasu stops her, she says that she doesn't want to marry Ratnam and she isn't in love with Sirasu. The villagers misunderstand their relation. Indhu tells to Ratnam that they were just talking but Sirasu lies to marry Indhu.

Sirasu, as he wanted, gets married with Indhu. However, Indhu refuses to live with him as his wife. Then, she becomes very ill and Sirasu takes care of her. Sirasu's mother explain that he must place a god statue in the village temple to save Indhu. Sirasu accomplishes it with his brother help and Indhu understands Sirasu's feelings.

Ratnam's henchmen beat Sirasu and he gets admitted at the hospital. Ratnam removes Indhu's Thaali and kidnaps her. Sirasu saves his wife, he apologizes Parameswaran and Ratnam. The two families united together and they lived happy.

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