The film is the directorial debut of Ra. Cyril, a former associate of noted directors Kadhir, Durai and Kala Prabhu. According to Cyril, the film will have mainly two color tones, green and white. As the film is said to start in winter and end in spring season, the entire first half of the film will take place in hilly regions with the colour green as its backdrop, whilst the second half will be completely filmed in snowy regions, where the colour white will be the backdrop.

The scenes of the first half were shot in Udhagamandalam (Ooty), Kodaikanal and other hill stations, whilst the sequences of the second half were filmed in Himalayas and specifically in Kulu-Manali. A grand railway station was erected at Kulu Manali at a cost of 30 lakhs, while a church was also created there.

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