Raja Kayya Vacha



Raja (Prabhu) is a thief who falls in love with Vijaya (Gouthami). First, she thinks that he was a police officer, she asks him to find lost stuffs and he steals to fulfill her wishes. One day, the police arrests him front of Vijaya and he's sent to jail, he's welcome like a king in jail. Vijaya leaves the town with her father. When, he's released, he decides to find Vijaya.

Johnny (Nassar), a worker union leader, often strikes and works with a competitor company manager Vaidaraj (Sarath Kumar). Many general manager of the company resigned, so Raja tries to get the job to see Vijaya who also works there. The company chairman engages Raja and Raja engages his friend Japan (Anandaraj) as a company security officer. Radha (Revathi), the company chairman's granddaughter, a polio patient, falls in love with Raja. The strikes and workers problem within the company begin to disappear and Vaidaraj gets angry.

Vijaya begins to understand Raja's heart, Radha's grandfather proposes to Raja to marry her but Radha said that he's in love with Vijaya. Johnny and Vaidaraj plan to kill Raja, they put a bomb in the factory and Vaidaraj reveals that he was a relative of the company chairman. Finally, Raja saves the factory.

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