Raja Rani



The story begins with John (Arya) and Regina (Nayanthara) getting married in a church. John and Regina have agreed to get married solely for purpose of making their parents happy. When they take their wedding oath Regina utters her lover's name 'Surya' and on hearing this,Regina's father faints in the church. Regina feels sorry for her father and eventually ends up marrying John. They live in a flat and John turns up drunken every day, causing disturbance to both Regina and the other flatmates. They try to irritate each other in every possible way. Regina applies for transfer to stay away from John and he is not affected by this decision.

One fine night Regina falls prey on the ground with fits. John calls up an ambulance and takes Regina to the hospital, where he sees Regina being treated with electric shock. The next day John inquires Regina about her health an she reveals she was already attacked twice by fits. She also reveals her past relationship with Surya (Jai),who is very timid and humorous. Surya gets selected for a cabin-crew training in the USA. They both decide to inform their parents about their relationship. Surya feels that his father might not approve of their relationship. Regina's father is more like a friend to her, so she requests her father to talk to Surya's father. Their marriage talks doesn't go as expected so Regina and Surya decide to get married without informing their parents. Regina waits for Surya to get married but he doesn't turn up. Regina's father feels sorry his daughter and takes Regina to Surya's house. There they both learn that Surya has already left to the US. Shocked and devastated, Regina's father has his first heart attack. A few days later Regina gets a call from Surya's friend Iyappan (Sathyan) that Surya has committed suicide in the US. Regina is heart-broken and attacked with fits. 3 years later, Regina is still not able to get over her past but decides to marry John only for the sake of her father.

On hearing this John says that he has never come across a girl who can value a relationship so much. John starts to like Regina and he now has immense respect for her but this doesn't go well with Regina and she often insults John until one day when Sarathy (Santhanam) comes to John's flat and reveals his past. John falls in love with Keerthana (Nazriya Nazim),an orphan. It is love at first sight for John, when he sees the bubbly and energetic Keerthana. John and Keerthana fall for each other and get married, on the first day of marriage when Keerthana crosses a road she meets with a fatal accident and dies in front of John. After 4 years, a heart-broken John is forced to marry Regina on Sarathy's insistence.

On hearing John's past Regina begins to like John.Though John and Regina like each other, they never reveal it. Finally on John's birthday Regina gives a gift to John and insists that he opens it alone but John never opens the gift as he thinks that Regina is only putting up a drama in front of her father. Regina gets a transfer to Australia for 2 years and asks her to go ahead with her plans, but actually John wants her to stay with him and Regina is waiting for John to say it. John agrees to drop Regina at the airport and they both never reveal their true feeling till then. Regina waits at the in the immigration counter and a frustrated John goes to the parking lot and he gets a call from Regina to see her at the entrance. Ecstatic John runs to the entrance to meet Regina. Regina says there she saw Surya at the immigration counter. Without even listening to what Regina says he runs to meet Surya. Surya says that he was forced to leave by his father and he knew that Regina will never get over him,so he had asked his friend to tell Regina that Surya has committed suicide. Surya says that he is now happily married and asks John to be happy with Regina and leaves. John tries to convince Surya but he refuses and leaves. When he walks away from John Surya cries and looks at the ring which he and Regina had exchanged.

John meets Regina who is terribly angry with John as she never wanted to get back with Surya and all that she wants now is John. Regina throws the gift that John never opened in which it is written "Let us begin our life". John and Regina realise their love for each other and live happily ever after.

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