Rajakumaran (Prabhu) is the son of the village chief (Vijayakumar). Yuvaraj (Nassar) hates Rajakumaran and his village. Selvi (Meena Durairaj) and Vaidehi (Nadhiya) are in love with their cousin Rajakumaran but he chooses Vaidehi. Selvi decides to sacrifice her love, her father Selvaraj (Captain Raju) refuses to give his property to village people as promised and his only request is that Rajakumaran gets married with Selvi.

Selvi convinced Rajakumaran to lie, he lies to her father and he gives his property. Vaidehi committed suicide and Rajakumaran reveals his lie. One day, some goons decide to put a bomb and Rajakumaran saves the village. The village thinks that the culprit was Thangaraj (Thyagu) because he wanted to revenge Rajakumaran after his lie.

Angry, Thangaraj insults Rajakumaran's father in public and Rajakumaran's father died. Yuvaraj asks to Selvaraj and Thangaraj to marry Selvi, and they accept. The village was against the marriage. A man (R. V. Udayakumar) came and said that a deaf-mute girl, who learnt to read and to write, was the witness of Vaidehi's murder by Yuvaraj. On the marriage day, Yuvaraj cancelled the marriage and decided to humiliate Selvi. Rajakumaran saves her and he decides to marry her.

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