Soodhu Kavvum



The Movie is about small time Kidnapper Das (Vijay Sethupathi), and four other youths. Kesavan and Sekar are room mates,who live in Chennai. Kesavan is an IT professional where as Sekar is unemployed. Pagalavan, Kesavan's friend, comes to visit Kesavan from Trichy, after being chased away by the people there- for building a small temple for actress Nayanthara. Pagalavan has no idea on what next to do, so he starts to booze with Sekar.

They meet Das, a middle aged guy with an imaginary girlfriend, Shalu (Sanchita Shetty) who does small kidnappings for ransom. They also team up with him and indulge in kidnappings. Once they later kidnap a small boy, and get a ransom from his father Nambikkai Kannan, who is the brother of the contractor who was arrested by minister Gnanodayam(M. S. Bhaskar),who is very disciplined and honest in his work. Nambikkai Kannan, who is impressed with Das' quick work and his honesty, asks a favour from him, for which he promises to pay upto 2 crores. Das hesitates at first, but eventually agrees after being convinced by Kesavan, Sekar and Pagalavan as they request him to break the rule this time. The favour is, Das has to kidnap the Minister's Son Arumai Pragasam, just to take revenge on the Minister, for having arrested his brother. Das and his group prepare for the mission and start to follow Arumai to watch his daily activities.

The next day,they plan to kidnap him.But,on the same day another group kidnaps him. After that, again Das's group witnesses the place where he was kidnapped and sent the other day. They kidnap him , but it's later revealed that the first kidnap was a plan of Arumai Pragasam for himself. However , after that incident they start to work as a team. The group demands two crores from the minister. After the stupendous effort,they manage to grab the ransom money.

Eventually a fight arises between Arumai and the rest, and the van in which they travel loses control and falls from a bridge, injuring all and killing Shalu. Das cries over Shalu's apparent death. They find that Arumai has ran away with all the money. So the four decide to get back Arumai and get their share back. In the meantime, the Minister appoints an Encounter Specialist Bramma, a brutal, merciless cop. Bramma is given a 48 hour time to catch the kidnappers.

Arumai Pragasam gets back to his house, and hides the money in his room, and dreams about a lavish life. Das, with the help of his elder brother, a Rowdy/Doctor, gets to know about Bramma and warns them to stay safe. Das devices a plan that, to get back the money, they should kidnap Arumai Pragasam again. coincidentally they are trapped by Brahma. somehow, they manage to escape from him. They accidentally meet him and succesfully kidnap him again. But Das lets Arumai go free, after making him promise that he should not tell anything about them to the Police. Arumai also promises to give their share of ransom money back to Das. Bramma finds out about the failed kidnapping plan set by Arumai, and warns him that he should tell the truth about the people who kidnapped him later.

Das and Co become approvers and they surrender in the court and reveal to the media that they won't escape from the cops' custody, and that if they're shot dead, it's Bramma's fault. But Arumai tells in the court that Das and Co did not kidnap him. So the court lets them free. But Bramma who is very angry on them takes them to a remote location and brutally beats them plans to kill them. But they are saved by a rusty gun, that misfires into Bramma's arse. Das & Co escape from there with the Rowdy Doctor's help.

Meanwhile Arumai's father finds out that Arumai has been hiding the money in his room, and beats him. Arumai locks his room and quickly transfers the money to some other bag and replaces them with old newspapers. Arumai's father just breaks in and takes the bag with the newspaper to the Chief Minister, who actually arranged the ransom money, as the Minister is very honest and did not have that much money, and also to stop the bad name that his party will get, if they fail to save their Minister's son from kidnappers. But The Minister is shocked to find out that the money is gone again, when he opens the bag . Now Arumai gives Das and Co's share to them.

The Chief Minister calls Arumai Pragasam to his office, and offers him a chance to participate in the upcoming elections in place of his father, who never earned big money to the party by means of bribe etc. The CM says that Arumai is a clever guy and believes that, he can earn a lot for the Party. Arumai wins the upcoming elections and takes Sekar and Kesavan as his Personal Advisers.

Pagalavan begins to act in a movie directed by The Rowdy/Doctor, which is a B- film. And Das once again begins his kidnapping lessons to a new set of youth. They look out to kidnap someone and they end up kidnapping a girl, who looks like Shalu exactly. It is later revealed that girl is Shalini Gupta, the daughter of a Central Minister, which indicates that Das has once again broken his first rule, and is all set for another adventurous journey.

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