Vinnukum Mannukum



Sakthivel (Sarath Kumar) is the leader of his village and is adored by the people. His only brother is Selvam (Vikram) who after completing his education in Singapore returns to the hamlet. Both Sakthivel and his wife Lakshmi (Kushboo) are very fond of Selvam and want him to get married and live happily. Selvam is keen on marrying a girl he has seen in his dream. Sakthivel is prepared to go anywhere to find the girl.

Selvam actually comes across the photograph of his dream girl in a TV advertisement and discovers that she is an actress (Devayani).
A film crew lands in the village for shooting, and Devayani, as she is called in the film too, is in the group. Sakthivel approaches her with his brother's proposal but she insults him.

"I am beautiful and famous and cannot marry a villager," she says. Does Vikram accept defeat or manage to bring her round?

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