Arangetra Velai



The story revolves around three unemployed people (the third is a middle age unsuccessful theater owner). The story opens with the arrival of Sivaraman (Prabhu) in Chennai to dispute the denial of his company job which he was supposed to receive several years ago. Several candidates overtook his chance and the last one was Rani who pretends to be an influential figure in the town. Rani threatens Balakrishnan to continue to work despite his efforts to overthrow her. The company manager (Venniraadai Moorthy) who knows her family situation (poor and pathetic) helps her to remain in the job. Sivaraman determined to stay back in the town until he succeeds to get back his job back from Rani.

During his stay sivaraman finds a temporary lodging in 'Urvasai Theater' owned by Nambi annan (V. K. Ramasamy), with another tenant Asha (revathi), both were unemployed and with insignificant earning. Initially asha does not like the new tenant and tries to expel him from the house but all her efforts are in vain. asha is tricky and cunning. she lies to her mother that she works in a large company based in Calcutta and is building a new house in Cochin. sivaraman finds out and misunderstands asha as a fraud. But what shocks sivaraman most was the realization of Rani's family situation, which pours sympathy in his mind toward her and decided to sacrifice his job. That day night sivaraman gets drunk and reveals the fraud play of asha to nambi. asha confesses her play and justifies that projecting herself as rich and employed was the only way to comfort her mother. The truth melts the mind of both sivaraman and nambi and they all became friends and decided to enjoy the night despite their unending problems.

The turning point of the movie is here. sivaraman wakes in the night hearing the phone ring. A gang leader called fakiram (Vijayaraghavan) has kidnapped the daughter of a rich businessman (jaiganesh) and is asking a ransom of a lakh rupees. The three unemployed have no relation with jaiganesh; the phone was misdialed. Panicking, sivaraman tries to find the number of jaiganesh from a phone directory, only to find out that the numbers of theater and jaiganesh are interchanged in the directory. asha develops a quick game play and asks sivaraman to act as a dealer between fakiram and jaiganesh, without letting them know each other, and demand a ransom of three lakh to jaiganesh, instead of a lakh, and get the girl from fakiram and earn two lakh. The plan was set properly, but the job wasn't easy to carry out by hiding from the police and keeping fakiram and jaiganesh anonymous to each other. Finally after a struggle the three rescue the girl from the gang leader and hand her over to jaiganesh. They confesses the game to him upon a police encounter. jaiganesh forgives them and is thankful for returning his daughter, and offers three lakh rupees as a prize. The story happily ends here.

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