Aval Varuvaala



Ajith Kumar (as Jeeva), who lives with his grandmother in Madurai, says he would marry the girl he likes at first sight. He goes to Chennai after getting a job as a bank manager there. In a shopping mall, he gets a glimpse of Simran (as Divya) and promptly falls in love. He identifies her scooter model and soon he goes on a mission in search of her to end up in a colony surrounded by comedians (Goundamani, Senthil, Venniradai Moorthy, Dhamu, Kovai Sarala). The colony people mistakenly thought that Jeeva is trying to steal the scooter and therefore he lied that he was looking for a house to rent. Then, he agreed to stay in the colony after conforming that Divya and her mother, Sujatha (as Janaki) is residing in the colony.

From there on, Jeeva tries to impress Divya. The comedian’s gang found out that Jeeva is trying to approach Divya and agreed to help Jeeva. They ask Janaki’s opinion about Divya’s marriage. However, Divya refused the offer saying that she is not interested in getting married. A lonely sad, pathetic looking Janaki seemed to hide something. The gang gave few ideas to persuade Divya but all failed. Tired of fool ideas, Jeeva himself tell Janaki that he want to marry her daughter. Impressed by Jeeva’s good manner, Janaki advised Divya to accept him. Truthful to the expectations, Divya revealed that Janaki is actually her mother-in-law.

Knowing that Jeeva loves her, Divya insults him so that he would give up. But, he didn't. Every time Jeeva did well to her, it reminds her husband, Prithvi (Babloo Prithviraj)’s cruel and she started to compare them both. In a dramatic flashback, Prithvi is killed (so we think) by Divya when he encourages his friends to sexually abuse her. Believing the bad time is behind them, Janaki and Divya start a new life in a new town as mother and daughter team. Divya falls in love with Jeeva with the help of the comedian’s gang. However, Janaki did not allow Divya to tell Jeeva about her past. The whole colony cheered by the news and arranged an engagement.

Well... almost. Prithvi returns for their betrothal to reclaim his possession. He blackmailed Divya to sleep with him one night before her marriage and ask Jeeva to sanction him a loan of Rs 25 lakhs. Otherwise, he will reveal the truth to everyone. Somehow, Jeeva knows the truth and claimed to be proud to become Divya’s husband. This distracts Prithvi who then decides to stop the marriage. What can a good mother do to stop the evil son? She poisons him and kills herself too for the sake of a peaceful life for her daughter-in-law. Hence mothers-in-law are dedicated.

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