In the Tamil country of the 60s...
Devi (Jayalalitha), an innocent and beautiful heiress runs away from her home, of the Selvamani Estate, the day before her engagement, thereby creating a scandal within her family, in particular, her father, Zamindar Ponambalam (S. A. Asokan).
Being away, abandoned to herself, Devi is saved at the last minute by a reporter, an idealist, a good humanbeing, Chandran (MGR) who decides to accommodate her at his home (with him) till he is able to find her home.
Chandran (MGR)is the news reporter for the newspaper named Dinakkavartchi managed by Duriothanan (M. R. Radha), an unscrupulous boss with no regard for genuine news presentation, always having an eye for making sensational news, even if it means concealing of truth.
Chandran very often disagrees with his employer, Duriothanan.
The reporter is helped in his quest by a friend, a photographer of the newspaper, Alwar (Nagesh), (a husband who is often corrected by his wife Ahalya (Manorama).
Chandran wants at all costs to help another young woman wounded cruelly by the life since her birth, Kamala (Bharathi Vishnuvardhan).
She previously becomes a victim at the hands of a predator, rich Paranthaman (M. N. Nambiar).
Chandra puts everything in its place by unitng Kamala with Paranthaman and he himself marrying Devi with the blessings of the elders from both the family.
Duriyothanan regrets for his misdeeds and asks Chandran to start a new newspaper and name it as he wants.
The news paper is named "Chandrodayam" the first issue carrying the Wedding news of Chandran and Devi

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