Somewhere in the Tamil capital...

Because she refused to cooperate, Mangalam, a fair mother pays him of its life.

She is meanly stabbed by Duraiswamy (M. N. Nambiar), a notable who put himself to spirit away the colossal fortune of his deceased brother.

He acts so meanly in front of small Sômu, (Mangalam 's elder son), under the eyes of the terrorized child who memorizes nevertheless the face of Duraiswamy.

15 years pass by... Adult, now, Sômu (Gemini Ganesan) living being only by a thing: take revenge !

He settled as purpose to find the murderer and to kill him himself of the hands!

His young brother Râmu (MGR), a police officer of a formidable efficiency, a big integrity and by which its reputation precedes him, is moved in the same region as Duraiswamy !

Râmu fell in love recently with beautiful Jaya (Jayalalitha).

It turns out that she one of the two girls of Duraiswamy (the criminal whom looks for desperately for years, Sômu !).

Râmu tried vainly to tear away from his older brother Sômu, the truth on the identity of the murderer of their mother.

It is there that diverges their opinion on the justice.

Sômu wants the death whereas Râmu demands a judgment(sentence) in front of a court for the murderer of their mother !

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