Ukrapandi (Vijayakumar) ordered to Govind (Goundamani) to kill his baby to save his wife's life after consulting an astrologer. Govind give the baby to Sudalai (Chandrasekhar) and ordered to kill him. Twenty-five years later, Poovarasan (Karthik) was recruited by Govind to work. Poovarasan and Kaveri (Rachana Banerjee) failed in love each others. One day, Poovarasan saved Senadapathi (Radha Ravi).

Sinrasu, Senadapathi's son and Sundari, Ukrapandi's daughter were in love. Their parents agree for the marriage. Before the marriage, Senadapathi reminds to Ukrapandi his stinging humiliation and orders Ukrapandi to do the same thing. He refuses so the marriage are cancelled.

While Senadapathi's son was getting married, Poovarasan stopped it and he took him to marry Sundari. The village's chiefs decided to exonerate the new married couple and to teach a lesson to Poovarasan. Poovarasan must walk on ember with naked feet.

An old man, pretending to be Poovarasan's father, is recognized by Govind. Sudalai didn't kill the baby and the baby was in fact Poovarasan. Senadapathi wanted to revenge and sent henchmen to kill Ukrapandi's family. Finally, Poovarasan saved them but died by a gunshot.

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