The plot revolves around two fathers and their sons. Raghuvaran, Vikram's father, is a smuggler who lives in a house near S.P.Balasubramaniam's, father of Ajith. In his childhood days, getting attracted by Raghuvaran's activities, Ajith remains to stay with him always. While SPB tries to convince his son, it is all in vain. He got vexed and started to raise Vikram, son of Raghuvaran, as a good man. In college days, Vikram becomes a singer, and becomes a lover boy in the college.

While Ajith studying in the same college becomes a dancer and turns out to be a local dada, who helps Raghuvaran in his business. In the meanwhile, Ajith and Vikram love the same girl (Maheswari), who in turn loves Ajith.

SPB comes to know about Vikram's love affair and begs Ajith to leave his love for Vikram, since he won't be able to lead a peaceful life in the shape he is. The film ends with Ajith having to choose between his lady love and the dark world.

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