Kaalamellam Kaaththipaen



Kannan (Vijay) is the only son of Jaisankar and Sri Vidya. He's rich and spends a lot of money every day. Kannan is in charge of arranging the college cultural function. He happens to hear Manimekalai (Dimple) sing in a temple, and he asks her to sing in the college function.

But she refuses. All of Kannan's attempts to make her sing fail. In that process Kannan falls in love with her; Manimekalai hates him. She gets him arrested for eve teasing and, triggered by that, Kannan tries to marry Manimekalai by force. That fails miserably.

To forget all these and to start a new life, Manimekalai goes to Ooty and joins Karan's company. Kannan follows her and this time he wants to apologise to her. Manimekalai tries to make him leave Ooty, but finally she can't stop herself from loving him.

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