Kanni Thaai



On the Tamil roads of the 60s...
In a military camp, captain Saravanan (MGR) promises to his brother-in-arms, captain Moorthy, dying person (seriously wounded following an exchange enlivened against poachers on the Indian border) to take care of his girl Râni (Baby Shakila[1]), adorable one girl, very intelligent, of 6 years.
Once, the knowledge made between the military officer (MGR) and the girl (Baby Shakila), begin then a big trip through the country, full of pitfalls.
Because very fast, the military officer Saravanan realizes that his girl protects is the dark greed of a group.
But they do not fall that only on people ill-intentioned, quite the opposite, Saravanan and Râni meets on their way, the beautiful Sarasou (Jayalalitha), a young woman without tie, devoid of any bad feelings, which will spare no effort, such a mother for Râni and will devote itself as an affectionate partner with Saravanan.
Together, for the girl Râni , they are going to surmount all the numerous obstacles which wait for them on the road...

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